• Q: Are estimates free??
  • A : YES. All estimates are free.
  • Q: Is Well Built licensed ??
  • A: Yes. Well Built is fully licensed.
  • Q: Is Well built Insured??
  • A: Yes. Well built is fully insured with
    • A or Better rated carriers.
    • Certificates of Insurance are available.
  • Q: Will I sign a contract or agreement??
  • A: Yes. The contract or estimate outlines the
    • scope of the work to be completed, and the
    • materials necessary for the job, and signing
    • the contract provides you comfort in the knowledge
    • that both you and Well Built are both fully informed .
  • Q: Will a deposit be required prior to job start??
  • A: Likely yes. Terms of payment will be stated in the contract.
    • (Deposit, Installments, Completion (Final))
  • Q: Are changes to the contract permitted??
  • A: Yes. However, any changes to the contract will likely change the agreed upon cost of the job. (Additions or Deletions)
  • Any changes would be agreed upon as to Material and Labor by both you (the customer) and Well Built